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Water is one of the greatest resource challenges of the 21st century. Who will step up to solve critical water issues? Water science professionals. 
Water Science is the study of water and its interaction with solids, liquids, gases, and organisms in various Earth systems. Our water science program emphasizes the fundamentals of all areas of science as they apply to water, with special emphasis on surface water and groundwater systems.
UW-Green Bay’s four coastal campuses cover a unique geographic region of Wisconsin that provides hands-on research opportunities in surface water and groundwater that no other university can duplicate.


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Solving the Water Crisis

The world faces significant challenges regarding water quantity and quality that are expected to worsen during the 21st century. The global need for water science professionals to solve critical water issues is accelerating and expected to continue indefinitely.
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The UW-Green Bay Advantage

UW-Green Bay’s four campuses are uniquely set along the coastline of Lake Michigan. Our professors are dedicated instructors and curious researchers. Students participate in hands-on laboratory and field experiences, getting involved in research projects on groundwater, surface water, runoff and erosion management, water treatment, aquatic ecology, and more.
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Water Science Experiences

The biology, geology, and chemistry of surface water and groundwater bodies in northeastern Wisconsin are distinct and diverse. Students have first-hand opportunities to learn about the Green Bay estuary, Lake Michigan, the Fox River, groundwater chemistry in different aquifers, unique fisheries, coastal wetlands, and more.

Diverse Career Options

  • Hydrologist
  • Water Science Educator
  • Watershed Management
  • Aquatic Ecologist
  • Water Resources Protection
  • Biogeochemist
  • Water Quality Specialist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Aqueous Geochemist
  • Water Resources Planner
  • Water Reclamation Specialist
  • Water Utility Operator

Water Science in the News

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$61,500 Median Salary

Average salary for Water Scientist in Wisconsin
$50,590 Starting
$99,300 Top 20%, 2018

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