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Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by UW-Green Bay to facilitate online learning and instruction. It is the central hub of the Digital Learning Environment (or DLE); most of the instructional tools in the DLE integrate into Canvas to create a unified platform. Canvas is used to deliver digital content and facilitate online interaction as both the main platform for fully online courses and as a supporting tool for in-person offerings.

Canvas Login
The Canvas login uses the same username and password as SIS, OneDrive, and campus email. Need help logging in?

Canvas 24-hour support:

Get Canvas support 24/7 by clicking Help in Canvas.
24-hour phone support for UWGB faculty & students:
Students: 1 (833) 811-3205  |  Instructors: 1 (833) 811-3206

Resources for Instructors

  • Manual for setting up a course in Canvas
  • Download our Student Resource Module to import into your Canvas courses. Importing this module creates a module of student resources in your Canvas course's homepage.
  • Find more support resources here!

Missing a course?

  • If you're missing a course be sure to check your Courses All Courses area in Canvas. Instructors and students can customize their Canvas dashboard by "favoriting" courses, and when new courses appear they may not be listed on the Dashboard, rather they will appear in the Courses All Courses area.
  • New instructors who do not have "Sandbox Courses" (template courses) in Canvas should contact DLE@UWGB.EDU.
  • Instructors who need more "Sandbox Courses" (template courses) can create their own.
  • Students: please check with your instructors to determine which platforms they are using. If your courses are not showing up as expected, please consult this document.


Instructors and students can contact the IT Help Desk at 920.465.2309 or by email at for support. 
How-to guides and help documents are also available 24-hours a day on the UWGB Knowlege Base. If you can’t find what you need, please consider suggesting a document.
For Canvas support, you can also view helpful guides on the Canvas Community.

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