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What is the BA Music/Audio Production Emphasis?

UW-Green Bay’s BA Music/Audio Production emphasis is a degree that will give you the knowledge and experience needed to work as an audio engineer in any number of settings: commercial recording studios, project studios, multimedia post-production, broadcast/podcast, internet audio, live sound reinforcement, and others. It’s a great choice for students who love music, want to learn more about technology, and enjoy collaborating with others on a wide range of audio projects.

The Audio Production emphasis focuses on these essential skill areas:
• Solid musicianship
• Critical listening and ear-training skills for the audio engineer
• Electrical, electronic, and computational aspects of the recording process
• Fundamental principles of acoustics
• Well-honed interpersonal communication skills

A complete list of degree requirements can be found here.

Why a Bachelor of Arts in Music?

Core instruction in the Audio Production emphasis takes place in the UW-Green Bay Music Department, because the engineering skills you learn working with music translate well to other areas of audio production. If you can make critical edits to a song you’re working on, editing a podcast episode becomes that much simpler. If you can find good compression settings for instruments in a mix, you’re on track to get excellent results in a voice-over session. It’s also a natural fit, because many people’s first interest in working in audio production comes from learning about how their favorite music is made and recorded.

UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Arts in Music is a degree that purposely includes room to let you combine your audio production coursework with another area of interest. If you want to learn more about making audio production software, you will have time to take courses in computer science. If you’re interested in video post-production or film scoring, there are courses you can take in communications, film, composition, and other areas. If you’re interested in starting your own creative project studio, you’ll be able to take the business courses that will help keep your venture afloat and your bills paid. There are too many possibilities to list; the academic advising process will direct students toward the courses and minors that best fit their interests and career trajectories.