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Audio Production

Sound Right

The Nexus of Sound & Technology

Our new emphasis in Audio Production prepares students for a dynamic career in audio engineering, live sound, post-production, broadcasting, podcasting, internet audio, and more. If you exist at the nexus of music and technology, and love collaborating, this is the degree for you!

Discover the Possibilities

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Essential in Ever-Evolving Industries

Radio & Podcasting
Software Design & Gaming Audio
Advertising & Marketing
Entertainment & Live Events
Film & Theater
Media Post-Production

A Solid Foundation

In Musicianship

This emphasis includes room for you to explore compatible interests. If you're interested in software development or audio for gaming, you will be encouraged to take courses in computer science. If you're interested in scoring for film or theater, courses in film and composition might be recommended. Want to be an independent audio producer? We might suggest courses in business. The options are endless!

Real Projects, Right Away

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Mixing Sound for Maximum Impact

The emphasis in audio production is a great choice if you love music and want to learn more about the recording process and how to mix sounds that match your creative vision. You will get the knowledge and experience needed to work in a variety of creative settings. If you seek answers to preliminary questions, please explore our FAQs.

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Essential Skill Areas
You will work with cutting-edge equipment, building a repertoire of skills in key areas:
  • Solid musicianship
  • Critical listening and ear-training skills
  • Electrical, electronic, and computational audio concepts
  • Fundamental principals of acoustics
  • Collaboration and communication skills

Find Your Path
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Potential Careers
Create your own career journey with expertise at the convergence of music and technology:
  • Audio, Mixing, Mastering or Podcast Engineer
  • Record Producer or Recording Studio Manager
  • Audio Technician or Sound Designer
  • Digital Audio Editor or Producer
  • Independent Artist

Dr Bill Sallak

Eclectic Educator

Bill Sallak is a performer, conductor, composer, technologist, researcher and educator. He has experience in live music and other events as a creative artist and sound engineer. He will help you find your path to an exciting career in audio production.

Contact dr. SALLAK