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Noncredit Certificate Programs

Invest in yourself! Certificate programs are a new approach to education for students and adult learners wherever they are in their life and career journey. A certificate program offers specialized training in a skill-set immediately transferable to a position or industry. In short, a certificate program allows you to stay nimble in an evolving world, making you more valuable. Credentials matter!

Compared to a degree plan, a certificate program is relatively short-term (months versus years) and lower in cost. The curriculum is also more intentional (no prerequisites, no general education), delivering direct relevance to the marketplace. The programs are 100% online, allowing you to balance work, family and education. (You can expect 2-3 hours each week of self-study and interaction.)

Certificate programs deliver:

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Versatile Credentialing

Complements a degree or experience — acting as steppingstone to your long-term goals

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A Way to Try New Interests

Explore new career or industry opportunities before investing too many years or dollars

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Expanded Knowledge & Skills

Stay current with the latest technologies and trends — show your commitment to ongoing learning 

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A High Rate of Success

Be confident in your ability to complete a program with direct relevance to your career goals 

Choose from a Diverse Array of Programs

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Data Science

Find your future in one of the fastest-growing professions. Designed for individuals already in the profession or pursuing a career in the field of big data.

Image of diversity training

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Create a culture where every employee has a voice. Social transformation begins with human transformation. Encourage informed workplaces and communities.

Image of emergency management

Emergency Management, Planning & Administration

Designed for the next generation of emergency professionals, delivering high level competencies in operational expertise, response protocols, critical analysis and strategic planning.

Image of nonprofit leadership

Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership

Pursue your potential in nonprofit leadership. Be a catalyst for change. Play a critical role in strengthening civic engagement.

Image of finance managers at a small business

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Financial management made simple for entrepreneurs, business owners and any individual interested in learning bookkeeping basics to better understand financial reports and statements. 

Image of geriatric health

Geriatric Health

Seize the opportunity in geriatric health as we approach an aging milestone. Revolutionize healthy aging and cross-disciplined care. 

Image of management in health systems

Management in Health Systems

Make a difference in a field that's transforming. Expand your responsibilities with technology and coordination skills that do not involve direct patient care.

Image of mentoring


Mentoring benefits individuals and organizations. Learn how you can level up your mentoring with a more formal program. Designed for managers, team leaders and HR professionals. Facilitation training also available.

Image for spiritual companioning

Spiritual Companioning

Spirituality can add depth and meaning to life. Today individuals approach spirituality through a variety of realms. Help guide others on their spiritual journey with this certificate program.

Image of supervisory leadership

Supervisory Leadership

Influence, inspire and help others. Become the leader you always wanted to be. Thrive in your career. 

Image of Supply Chain management

Supply Chain Management

Oversee the flow of goods, services and processes that transform raw materials into final products. A crucial skill in today's business and industry. Get moving with this certificate. 

Image of sustainability


Do well by doing good. Consumers are demanding sustainability. Help businesses close the knowing versus doing gap. Think bigger.

Image of workforce development

Workforce Development

A certificate program that responds to new marketplace dynamics, enabling faster and more effective onboarding with a jumpstart to productivity, improving workplace skills for displaced, underemployed and underserved employees and providing a solid foundation for future career growth.


If you have a group of people that you would like to enroll in any of the certificates, please reach out to learn more about our group discounts.  Call Teri Zuege-Halvorsen, Executive Regional Manager, at 920-465-2862 or email

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Boot Camps

Advance or Change Your Career in 24 Weeks
We collaborate with a workforce accelerator that empowers  professionals for high-growth careers in the digital economy.

Speedier Professional Gratification

Your pathway to continuing education may include certificate programs and a degree. Rethinking education means you can accomplish one or both in the order that is right for you in the moment. A certificate program can allow you to respond to a potential career or industry opportunity. It can also be the ramp-up to completing a degree, inspiring yourself and others. Both deliver valuable credentials that can contribute to your quality of life and earning capacity but also showcase your unique and compelling educational journey.

Image of digital badge with metadataUpon successful completion, all certificate programs earn an exclusive UW-Green Bay digital badge, validating your knowledge and credentials. Each digital badge is embedded with criteria and learning outcomes, giving employers complete confidence in your capabilities. Digital badges can be shared on websites, social media and resumes. 


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If you have any questions, please reach out to Teri Zuege-Halvorsen, Executive Regional Manager, Continuing Professional Education. She will connect you with a dedicated Program Specialist, who will advise you on a certificate program that aligns with your career (and life) goals.