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Noncredit Certificate Programs


You demand immediate relevance—we can help.

Certificate programs are a new approach to education for working adults wherever they are in their career journey, offering specialized training in a skill-set immediately transferable to a position or industry. Rethinking education allows you or your employees to stay nimble in an evolving world.

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Delivering Results

Compared to a degree plan, a certificate program is relatively short-term (months versus years) and lower in cost. The curriculum is also more intentional (no prerequisites, no general education), delivering direct relevance to the marketplace.

Earn a Valuable Credential

Affordably explore new career or industry opportunities while earning a valuable credential

Fill in Knowledge Gaps

Show your commitment to ongoing learning by staying current with the latest technologies and trends

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence with a program offering a high rate of success and direct relevance to your career goals

Noncredit Certificates

Our noncredit certificates are 100% online, allowing you to balance work, family and education. You can demonstrate to your current or future employer your accomplishment with a digital badge. Learn more about digital badges.

Business Certificates

If you are interested in adding a new professional skill to your portfolio to advance your career or take it in a different direction, UW-Green Bay offers noncredit business certificates.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leverage AI to increase efficiency, boost profitability and deliver more business value. Learning how to apply AI will enable you to respond to changing business situations faster and more informed.

Supersize Your Brain Power

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Data Science

Find your future in one of the fastest-growing professions. Designed for individuals already in the profession or pursuing a career in the field of big data.

Empower Your Career

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Project Management

Find your future in one of the fastest-growing professions. Designed for individuals already in the profession or pursuing a career in the field of big data.

Shape the Outcome

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Supply Chain Management

Oversee the flow of goods, services and processes that transform raw materials into final products. A crucial skill in today's business and industry.

Find Opportunity

Nonprofit Certificate

UW-Green Bay offers a noncredit certificate to broaden your understanding of nonprofit leadership.

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Nonprofit Leadership

Pursue your potential in nonprofit leadership. Be a catalyst for change. Play a critical role in strengthening civic engagement.

Pursue Your Potential

Healthcare & Human Service Certificates

Our noncredit health and human services certificates can help you improve health and healthcare delivery at a variety of levels. Find which one is right for you!

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Community Access & Navigation Training

Now offering a pilot program to educate health and human service professionals, agencies and other engaged individuals in Sheboygan County on how to overcome any barrier that might impede access to needed services.

Be a Beacon

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Geriatric Health

As our population continues to age, healthcare will require a new approach to age-friendly care that integrates geriatrics concepts and crosses disciplines to ensure the complex needs of older people are met.

Commit to Healthy Aging

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Management in Health Systems

Healthcare is evolving. Expand your responsibilities with technology and coordination skills that do not involve direct patient care.

Make a Difference

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Pediatric Mental Health

Make a difference in the life of a child by aiding early mental health assessments. Learn how to recognize warning signs with a certificate program designed for eligible practicing professionals.

Strengthen Your Advocacy

Leadership & Workforce Certificates

You are ready to advance into leadership or are already there and interested in learning how to improve your workforce or workplace culture. UW-Green Bay offers a variety of noncredit leadership and support certificates to meet your needs.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Find your future in one of the fastest-growing professions. Designed for individuals already in the profession or pursuing a career in the field of big data.

Create Social Evolution

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Modern Workplace Skills

Enable faster and more effective onboarding by improving modern workplace skills for displaced, underemployed and underserved employees. Provide a solid foundation for future career growth.

Start Your Journey

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Supervisory Essentials

Influence, inspire and help others. Become the leader you always wanted to be. Thrive in your career.

Thrive as a Leader

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Supervisory Leadership

Become a more purposeful leader with our Supervisory Leadership certificate program.

Achieve Business Goals

Special Interest Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers noncredit certificates to broaden your understanding of unique interests and provide specialized knowledge and personal enrichment. 

aerial of Lambeau Field

History of the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are a story of survival dating back to their origins in 1919. Uncover the team’s storied history and get an inside look at the Packers Hall of Fame.

Learn More

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Spiritual Companioning

Spirituality can add depth and meaning to life. Today individuals approach spirituality through a variety of realms. Help guide others on their spiritual journey.

Discover Your Calling

Sustainability Certificate

It's in our DNA. As the original Eco U®, UW-Green Bay is proud to offer a noncredit sustainability certificate to continue to help you learn to advocate for the people and planet around you.

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Do well by doing good. Consumers are demanding sustainability. Help businesses close the knowing versus doing gap. Think bigger.

Grow in Your Career

Talent & Recruitment Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers noncredit certificates to support your efforts in attracting and retaining quality employees and training them for key roles. 

Interview with confident human resource manager

Human Resource Management

This credential has been designed for current HR practitioners and professionals interested in an HR role to stay up-to-date with industry best practices.

Manage the Future

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Training & Development

Optimize talent and performance as a training professional with a certificate program designed to ensure employees make the most of their talent and maximize performance. 

Onboard Excellence

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Emergency Management
Planning & Administration

This certificate is available for credit as a bachelor's degree emphasis.

It is also available as a graduate certificate. The problems facing today’s emergency management professionals are complex and multifaceted, requiring higher levels of competencies for the next generation of emergency professionals.

Take Charge

programmers working together

Coding & Data Analytics
Boot Camps

Advance your career in 24 weeks.

Our programs equip you with the in-demand skills you need to start a career in coding or data analytics, empowering you for a high-growth career in the digital economy. Learn marketable skills in just 24 part-time weeks with an innovative instruction experience, combining engaging online content with live instructor-led virtual classes, designed to adapt to your unique schedule.

Redefine Your Future

certificate program participant Emily Fread

Meet Fearless Dreamer Emily

"I found my calling at Habitat for Humanity, but my first degree didn’t really connect with my position. I’m currently taking the certificate in nonprofit leadership. The program has really set me up for success, plus provided a lot of resources I can use going forward, especially networking with other people."

Emily Fread
Development Director
Habitat for Humanity, Sheboygan

Read Her Story

Kayle Petitjean

Company Discount

If you have a group of people that you would like to enroll in any of our certificates, please email Kayle Petitjean in our Office of Professional Continuing Education with any of your questions.

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