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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Turning Words into Action

We’re taking tangible steps to make UW-Green Bay a more equitable place.

Students, staff, faculty, the broader community – we all have a responsibility to recognize discrimination and work to correct it, both through our own behaviors and through policy within the University. Our efforts lead to the reason behind the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office: no matter who you are, you are welcome here at UW-Green Bay.

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Our Vision

Progress is important. We are always moving toward our vision for a more inclusive campus.

Inclusion Statement

Our Resources

Our University’s #1 priority is our students. If you need support, we have resources.

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Our Plan

View the steps we’re taking to achieve our mission of teaching all who want to be taught.

What We're Doing

Student at computer filling out a bias report

Speak Out 

Why fill out a report? It's only through intervention that we grow as a university.

Bias is simply defined as a tendency to prefer one thing or person over another. What’s not so simple is when biased attitudes are expressed through physical or verbal harassment. To report incidents of bias and hate perpetrated by a UW-Green Bay community member, fill out our Bias Motivated Incident Form.

*If the incident rises to a crime, report to the University Police.

File The Report 

So What Exactly is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion?

Consider our office as the central resource dedicated to fostering a university community that's welcoming to all. The reason why is simple—to live up to our mission to fearlessly meet challenges, solve problems and provide educational access to anyone seeking to learn.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificates

We offer free inclusivity & equity certificates for our students and employees. And, we offer an online, non-credit diversity, equity and inclusion certificate program available to anyone for a fee.

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Campus Cupboard canned goods

Campus Cupboard & Clothing Closet

Everyone deserves to have their basic needs met. To achieve this on campus, we provide food, clothing and hygiene products for our students, faculty and staff.

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African American student gives speech at diversity camp

Events & Entertainment

Be entertained and enlightened. Browse our eclectic range of events that celebrates a wide-range cultures. (Including yours!)

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Group of instructors attend class for continuous learning

Continuous Learning

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning (CATL) promotes continuous learning for instructors so they can enhance students’ experiences.

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Tribal elders answer questions

Land Acknowledgement

Developed by our First Nations faculty, our Land Acknowledgement recognizes those who were here first.

Read the Acknowledgement  

Ally Legos

Be a Better Ally

Learning never stops—and that includes gaining new perspectives, histories and individual truths. Then using that knowledge to spur change.

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Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan outlines our specific goals to encourage and support a more diverse campus, plus what we're doing to get there.

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Recent Updates

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Stacie Christian

Talk With Us

Stacie Christian, our Assistant Vice Chancellor of Inclusive Excellence, strives to build a campus of inclusivity. If you need any help accessing resources, get in touch with her.

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