We have program chairs who can help answer your questions

If you are considering a major or minor in our programs, please set up an appointment with the program chair to explore your opportunities and learn more about the required supporting and upper-level course requirements. To declare any of these majors, minors, or certificates please follow the instruction on the following page.

Majors/Minors/Certificates Faculty Office Location Email Address
Criminal Justice Minor Dana Atwood MAC A316 
Geography Minor Marcelo Curuz MAC B331
Majors, Masters, and Certificates
Organizational Leadership Major Patricia Hicks MAC B322
Public Administration Major (Undergraduate) David Helpap MAC A319
Master of Public Administration (Graduate)  Kerry Kuenzi MAC B319 
Environmental Policy and Planning Major Laurel Phoenix MAC B331
Political Science Major or Certificate Aaron Weinschenk MAC B303
Nonprofit Management Certificate
Emergency Management Certificate
Lora Warner MAC A314
Sociology & Anthropology Major Ray Hutchison MAC B304 

How About a Double Major? 

You have many choices! Often, a double major makes students more competitive in seeking jobs or in pursuing graduate programs. Other options are majors with double minors, or majors with minors, or majors with certificates. Please come see one of our program chairs listed above to discuss any of these options, or contact the Public & Environmental Affairs Unit Chair, Alise Coen -

Consider Pre-Law

Instead of designating a specific pre-law major or minor, we encourage you to tailor your own pre-professional courses of study. A major in Public Administration, Environmental Policy and Planning, Sociology & Anthropology, or Political Science is particularly suited to preparatory work for Law School.

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For additional information, contact the Public & Environmental Affairs Unit Chair, Alise Coen, at or visit the Academic Advising Website.