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Teaching Assistantships

Environmental Planning and Policy (EPP) and Public Administration (PA) students often serve as teaching assistants (TAs). In this capacity they help to make classroom learning experiences more meaningful, while learning valuable skills (and lessons) and gaining a new perspective on education in the process. Typical TA responsibilities vary by class, depending on its size and general learning outcomes, but usually include facilitation of in-class and online discussions, keeping attendance records, tutoring students and helping them learn course material, serving as keen observers of classroom interactions, volunteering suggestions for improvement of instruction, conducting exam review sessions, holding office hours and even guest lecturing. Teaching Assistants are consistently complimented and ranked very high for their professionalism, knowledge, passion for the subject matter and accessibility to students.

To become a teaching assistant, ask any PEA instructor for more information.

In general, however, students must:

  1. be a junior or senior
  2. be majoring in the subject matter
  3. have a cumulative GPA above 2.5