Our graduates work in organizations and professions serving the public:
  • government
  • nonprofit
  • environmental organizations
  • private businesses
In their careers, our alumni apply skills learned in our programs and demonstrate social responsibility, sustainable values and ethical principles.

Public & Environmental Affairs offers interdisciplinary majors in Environmental Policy & PlanningOrganizational LeadershipPublic Administration and Urban Studies.

Environmental Policy & Planning

Want to protect and sustain our environment?
  • Analyze legal, political, social, and ecosystems issues
  • Manage natural resources
  • Design sustainable built environments

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Organizational Leadership

Want to take a leadership role?
  • Fully online
  • Blending theory and practice
  • Leadership across disciplines

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Public Administration

Want to make a difference through public service?
  • Lead a nonprofit organization
  • Work in public affairs or government
  • Become an emergency manager

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Urban Studies

Want to improve neighborhoods and communities?
  • Enhance the quality of life in cities

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Want to understand core principles that underly society?
  • Study micro and macro features of our economy
  • Analyze costs and benefits

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Political Science

Want to influence policies to improve society?
  • Understand how government institutions work and how to influence them
  • Develop skills to analyze and implement policies in various fields

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