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Assessment Resources

Wisconsin Foundations of Reading (FoRT)

Education candidates seeking a EC-MC or an MC-EA license are required to take a pass the Foundations of Reading test with a score of 240 or higher.

Development of the FoRT

As a result of the Wisconsin Read to Lead Task Force recommendations, a new statutory provision was created. The specific statute 118.19 (14) puts into place a required content test in Foundations of Reading for all Grade K-5 teachers, special education teachers, reading teachers, and reading specialists seeking initial licensure. 

Preparation Materials

This Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Study Guide was created by Dr. Jennifer Arenson Yaeger. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. For the past 10 years, she has offered regional workshops to prepare teachers for the Foundations of Reading MTEL. This document was developed specifically to prepare Wisconsin Test Takers. Her website, referenced on the front cover of the Study Guide, contains helpful documents with practice tests, tips, videos, etc.

UW-Madison’s School of Education Outreach and Partnerships has developed web-based modules to help prepare students for the test. These materials are a good accompaniment to the resources developed by Jennifer Yaeger.

Helpful Resources