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Career Options

What can a Degree in Education from UW-Green Bay mean for you?

An Education Degree from UW-Green Bay can offer many opportunities and open many doors for future career pathways. The most well-known career for Education students is classroom teaching. Classroom teachers can work within their certification area in K-12 public, private, or parochial schools in the State of Wisconsin. Please see the list of licensure categories below for Wisconsin classroom teachers.

Licensure Categories
Other Educational Career Opportunities

Classroom teaching is not the only career available for Education Degree holders. Below is a list of other potential careers:

  • Youth Camp Directors/Leaders/Counselors
  • Youth Program Directors: Boys & Girls Club, 4-H Youth Development, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, YMCA Youth Programs
  • Classroom Paraprofessionals
  • Church/Religious Education Directors
  • Childcare Providers/Day Care Providers
  • Autism Line Therapist