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Early Adolescence to Adolescence

These are the course and credit requirements for Early Adolescence to Adolescence Minor. View the Early Adolescence to Adolescence Minor on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Early Childhood to Adolescence
Supporting Courses16-18
EDUC 203
Environmental Education in K-12 Schools
EDUC 206
Cultural Images in Materials for Children and Adolescents
EDUC 290
Introduction to Educational Inquiry
EDUC 291
Educational Inquiry Field Practicum
Choose one of the following:
EDUC 208
Concepts, Issues, and Field Experience in Education
DJS 200
Mentoring for Equity and Inclusion
FNS 211
Mentoring First Nations Youth
Choose one course: 1
MATH 100
Math Appreciation
MATH 101
Advanced Algebra
Social Science Statistics
Upper-Level Courses15
EDUC 340
Supporting Learning and Behavior in the Classroom
EDUC 361
Introduction to the Art and Science of Teaching
EDUC 422
Reading in the Content Areas
EDUC 452
Principles of Middle Level Education
Choose one of the following courses as appropriate:
EDUC 310
Teaching Communication Arts in the Middle and Secondary Schools
EDUC 312
Teaching Social Studies in the Middle and Secondary Schools
EDUC 313
Teaching Mathematics in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDUC 314
Teaching Science in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDUC 315
Teaching English as a Second Language
Total Credits31-33

Students planning to pursue a teaching license should contact the Education Office for any additional licensure requirements.