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Graduate Programs

Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning

This 30-credit program allows students to choose their own area of emphasis that is specifically meaningful to the student. The program consists of four core courses offered approximately two Saturdays per month for four semesters. The area of emphasis can be completed at your own pace through independent study, distance learning or transfer credit. With highly qualified professional with PK-16 teaching experience available and will to guide you, the program is an invaluable opportunity to learn, reflect and grow professionally.

Visit the Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning website to learn more!

School Social Worker

Students may pursue a school social worker license through a specifically designed track within the accredited MSW program at UW-Green Bay. The Pupil Services Standards outlined in PI.34, as well as the Social Worker Guidelines, are embedding within the coursework of the program. As only one of three IHE’s in the state offering the license, this program addresses the growing need for School Social Workers in Wisconsin Districts.

Visit the Social Work website to learn more!