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International Opportunities

Studying abroad during a semester of coursework, or embarking on a travel course, sometime during your college career is highly encouraged! Students that immerse themselves into other cultures and places return much more culturally competent and comfortable when working with diverse audiences. Education Students have numerous opportunities to travel abroad during their college career.

Cuernavaca, Mexico Education-Based Travel Course

Every January (J-Term), Education students travel to Cuernavaca, Mexico, for three weeks, to immerse themselves in the Mexican Culture and Spanish Language, and to compare and contrast the Mexican Education system with the Education system in the United States. Students attending the trip will attend culture and language classes at the Spanish Language Institute, visit public and private Mexican schools, and of course visit many of the famous and historical sites around Mexico. No Spanish language skills necessary to attend!

To learn more, visit the Office of International Education website.

International Student Teaching

Cuernavaca, Mexico – Student Teaching

Students who fall in love with their time in Cuernavaca, Mexico while on the three-week travel course will often return to complete nine, or all 18, weeks of their student teaching at one of the many prestigious private schools within the City of Cuernavaca. Housing, meals, and transportation to and from school are all arranged, and any licensure level can be accommodated. No Spanish language skills are necessary to student teach in Cuernavaca. Interested students should make an appointment with an education advisor to learn more!

Other International Student Teacher

The Professional Program in Education in partnership with the Office of International Education at UW-Green Bay is able to offer UWGB students the opportunity to student teach abroad in many countries across the world! UW-Green Bay students have completed student teaching in New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Jamaica, Germany, London, and many more places just to name a few.

To learn more, visit the Office of International Education website.

Feedback from Our Students

"It's an adventure! Classroom structure, behavior management techniques, and the curriculum are all different depending on the country you choose. My personal experiences include teaching English in Italy and Mexico... I like teaching in other countries because I learn unique teaching practices alongside learning the country's specific culture. I hope to combine the knowledge from classrooms around the world to develop a practice, involving inclusive worldly views and independent thinking."
- Natalie Neuwirth

"Student teaching abroad is an opportunity to learn about becoming a teacher and to learn a lot more about yourself as a person. Experiencing a different culture by yourself is scary but it forces you out of your comfort zone." You will "meet some of the most incredible people. In just the first few weeks of my student teaching I have had some of the hardest and most rewarding days with my students. - Brittany Duquaine