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Ready to Start Your UW Story?

Learn about our admissions requirements, how we review applications, and how you can get started.

Now is a great time to apply to UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus. Here is your step-by-step guide to applying. We are here to walk through this process with you.

UW-Green Bay is excited to offer the following bachelor's degree programs at the Sheboygan Campus as of fall 2020:

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Step 1: Prepare to Apply

The best way to get started is to plan out everything that will be needed in your application. You can use the information below to prepare your application to UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus.

There are four pieces in a completed application:
  1. The online UW System application.

  2. A $25 application fee.
    Fee waivers are also available for eligible students.

  3. Your official high school transcripts.
    You can request from your high school's counseling office. We accept e-transcripts, which can be sent to, as well as paper transcripts, which can be sent to:

    UW-Green Bay Admissions
    2420 Nicolet Drive
    Green Bay, WI 54311

  4. Your official ACT or SAT scores.
    Your official scores must be sent from the testing agency. The best and cheapest way to send us your scores is to designate UW-Green Bay as a score recipient when you sign up to take the test. That way, after you complete the test, the scores are sent directly to us and we will keep them on file at no additional cost to you. If you didn't designate UW-Green Bay to receive your scores, you will need to complete a special request and pay an additional fee to have them sent. When registering for the test, you can indicate UW-Green Bay's college code to have the scores sent. UWGB's ACT college code is 4688. UWGB's SAT college code is 1859.

How you prepare in high school matters.

The best way to determine if you are likely to do well at UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus is to review your performance in high school, including your grades in challenging college prep courses.

That's why we require minimum college preparatory units to be considered for admission. Most students complete more than these minimum units.

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of science
  • 3 units of math (algebra, geometry, advanced algebra or the equivalent integrated coursework)
  • 3 units of social science
  • 4 other electives

Many high school students have the opportunity to take honors courses, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or even college courses while enrolled in high school. We are delighted to honor these credits earned prior to enrolling at UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus. 

Have questions about what courses you should take in high school? Ask us! Contact us to connect with an advisor.

For student beginning in Fall 2020:
As part of the application process, UW-Green Bay requires that you submit your official ACT or SAT scores. These scores often reflect a student's skill level in basic core content areas.

We highly recommend that students send their test scores to UW-Green Bay. Requesting to have your scores sent when you register for the exam will be the best and cheapest way to ensure UW-Green Bay receives your test scores.

If you have taken the test more than once, it's okay. For admission, we look for your best composite score. Go ahead; when you register for the test, request that we get your scores. You can be confident that we will always look for the scores that give you the best chances for admission.

The UW-Green Bay ACT college code is 4695, and you can contact the ACT organization.
The UW-Green Bay SAT college code is 1994, and you can contact the SAT organization.

If a students ACT or SAT is reported on their official high school transcript, it will be used to review the student's application. 

For student beginning in Fall 2021 and later:
All applications to UW-Green Bay undergo a careful holistic review for admission decisions. Students can be reviewed for admission to UW-Green Bay without providing test scores. However, we encourage students to submit ACT/SAT scores as they are used for scholarship awarding, prerequisite (a prior condition requirement), major requirements and placement decisions. For example, in certain cases ACT/SAT scores could allow a student to satisfy certain course requirements through ACT/SAT score alone and would be very beneficial. 

We want all students to have the opportunity to have access to and be successful as a UW-Green Bay student, understanding that some students may not be able to provide test scores. UW-Green Bay accepts ACT/SAT scores from the testing organization and/or from students’ official high school transcripts.

In addition to your academic background, we value the skills you develop by taking leadership in extracurricular activities, working, and volunteering in your community. In your application, you will have an opportunity to tell us about your involvements; you can start thinking now about how you describe your activities.

Please stay involved! The teamwork, leadership, and work ethic displayed in your involvement may be an important part of your application.

Give us the full story

Stuff happens in high school. Sometimes it's things we could have avoided and sometimes it's not. The personal statement on the application has a spot for you to tell us your story. There are often factors that influence your academic background that aren't visible on your transcript, and contributions you can make to UW-Green Bay that we only know if you tell us. It's important that you communicate with us about any special circumstances that impacted your performance in high school. Please take the time to tell us about:

  • Your academic successes
  • Your academic challenges and how you overcame them
  • Why and how you believe you will succeed at UW-Green Bay
  • How you will contribute to our campus

If you need assistance in writing your essays, our advisors will be happy to assist you. Contact us.

Letters of recommendation are not required as part of the application package, but they can be very helpful if you are on the “bubble” for admission. If you think you need a little extra evidence that you are going to be successful in a certain subject area, or overall, a letter of recommendation from a person who can attest to your ability to be successful in the classroom can be helpful.

The UW System provides a very useful Letter of Recommendation form which UW-Green Bay recommends using. The form outlines the most valuable information in the applicant review process, and for this reason, it is the most useful recommendation counselors, educators, and other mentors can provide to our institution. This form may also be used as a guide for the development of a traditional letter of recommendation.

Have your recommender send the letter or recommendation form to our team at, but make sure they put your full name and date of birth on the email so we make sure to match it up with the right application. These letters need to be sent to us shortly after you submit your application. We like to make admissions decisions quickly, so please ask for those letters early and make sure your recommenders can send it in a timely fashion.

We want you to put your best foot forward in your application. So, the least we can do is give you some hints for preparing your application.

  • Be sure to use the latest, most up-to-date version of your browser when filling out the application. If you are having trouble viewing the application, try updating your browser or using a different browser.
  • If you are using a mobile device to fill out the application and you encounter a problem, try switching to a desktop/laptop computer.
  • Be sure to list your entire senior year courses or courses currently in progress at a college/university. We will need to review your high school courses in progress in order to evaluate your application. You will need to provide us a complete list of the courses you are taking or planning to take during your senior year. Providing this information will help us process your application in a timely fashion, so we encourage you to provide the complete list, even if it will be provided on your high school transcript.
  • Do your homework. Be sure to learn about our campus before applying, and use what you learn when you write your application essays. You tell us your story, and show us how you will contribute to our campus academically and as a member of our community. Visiting campus is a great way to prepare for your application. 

Step 2: Complete Your Application

Now is a great time to complete your application. Review our helpful hints, how to begin, and what to do after completing the application.

Start Your Application

Your first step will be completing the UW System Online Application. This is a common application for most UW universities. Under the list of institutions, select “UW-Sheboygan” to apply to the Sheboygan Campus location of UW-Green Bay.

Apply Now

Stuck? Ask for help. You can contact us to speak with an advisor about completing the application. We are here to help.

Step 3: Check Status

We don't want to leave you hanging…

We want you to know what happens after you apply.

About a week after you have hit submit on the online application you will be receiving a message from the Admissions Office giving you an Application Number and other information you need to help you check the status of your application.

This status check will tell you where your application is in the review process. Specifically, you can learn how to complete your application, or if your application is complete and being processed by our Admissions Staff.

Check Status

What if I need to cancel my application?

We're sorry if you need to cancel your application, and hope we will be able to serve you in the future. If you do need to cancel your application, you can do so by completing the online cancel form. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security number so that we may verify your identity.

Your Checklist

What to Send Us 2019 High School Grads 2020 High School Grads
Official ACT Scores Now Now
High School Transcripts September 1, 2018 September 1, 2019
Online Application September 1, 2018 September 1, 2019
Application Fee September 1, 2018 September 1, 2019
Letters of Recommendation September 1, 2018 September 1, 2019

Review all Admissions Deadlines for further information.

Using the chart above, you can see when you can begin each step in the application process based on your year of graduation. We have a rolling admissions process. This means we will accept qualified students until we are full or until we reach the calendar deadline. It usually takes us about two weeks to review applications.

Feeling Lost?

Not sure about something? Need an extra opinion? We're here to help to make applying as easy as possible. Don't hesitate to call us!

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