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Transferring Credits

How will my credits transfer?

We know it's on your mind. We want to help. UW-Green Bay's generous credit transfer policy is designed to help you find the strongest and most efficient path to your degree. The best way to learn more about how your credits will transfer is connecting with your admissions counselor, who can provide you with personalized information about your credit transfer, through email, phone, or in person meetings. Connect with an admissions counselor to get started.

Find your guide!

As you connect with an advisor, you may find these additional resources helpful. Because we value providing clear paths for students to complete their degrees, UW-Green Bay has a number of transfer guides and agreements that you can review. Select the technical college you attend to learn more about the transfer guide resources. 


Attend Northeast Wisconsin Technical College? See transfer guides and agreements.


Fox Valley Technical College students, learn more about transfer guides and agreements here.


For those who attend Lakeshore Technical College, view guides and agreements.


Students from Northcentral Technical College may be interested in these guides and agreements.


For those attending Mid-state Technical College, these transfer guides and agreements may be helpful.

Gateway Tech

Students from Gateway Technical College may be interested in these guides and agreements.

Madison College

Transfering from Madison College? Start with these transfer guides.

Moraine Park

Check out these transfer guides for students coming from Moraine Park Technical College.


Coming from Milwaukee Area Technicall College? These transfer guides are for you!

WTC System*

Check out these Wisconsin Technical College System-wide agreements for Applied Associate Degrees, including Education programs.

* The Wisconsin Technical College System includes the following tech schools: Blackhawk, Chippewa Valley, Fox Valley, Gateway, LTC, Madison College, Mid-State, MATC, Moraine Park, Nicolet Area, NTC, NWTC, Southwest Tech, WCTC, Western Tech, and WITC.

Do you have an applied associate's degree?

You could transfer 60 credits! Learn more about completing your Bachelor of Applied Studies degree entirely online.

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