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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are the credits from my previous schools not all showing on my credit evaluation?
    If the credits granted do not add up to the credits offered in transfer, it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

    • Courses are considered below university level therefore are not accepted for degree credit.
    • Quarter or term credits are converted to the semester hour system. Quarter credits are equivalent to 2/3 of semester credits.
    • Only general education/liberal arts courses are accepted in transfer from two-year institutions.
    • Courses you are enrolled in when you apply will not be awarded credit until completed.
    • Courses you have previously taken at UW Green Bay are not a part of this evaluation.
    • Graduate credits are not evaluated in this office. The enclosed evaluation is a record of your undergraduate work.
    • Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy

    If you feel that an error or oversight has occurred, please contact Andrew Meyer at 920-465-5020 or at as soon as possible.

  2. 1LL1? 101TR? Elective? What does it all mean?
    If possible, all courses which apply toward your degree are equated to actual UW Green Bay courses. If you have taken courses that UW Green Bay does not offer an exact match of, they are listed as electives, which you will see listed on your credit evaluation as 1LL1, 3UL1, or 101TR. You are still given the same amount of credit for which you originally took the course.

    If you feel that any of the courses which have transferred as electives should be directly equated to UW Green Bay courses, contact the appropriate faculty for evaluation of your work.

  3. I took a Writing Emphasis course at my previous school, is it a Writing Emphasis at UWGB?
    With the exception of an expository writing class, we do not transfer specific courses as Writing Emphasis (WE). Because we know that you have most likely taken some type of writing emphasis course at your previous institution, we will honor this by satisfying WE requirements based on the number of credits you’ve completed:

    • 24-53 credits completed = 1 WE Satisfied
    • 54-83 credits completed = 2 WE Satisfied
    • 84+ credits completed = 3 WE Satisfied
  4. I think my course transferred incorrectly, how can I appeal this?
    Contact Andrew Meyer at 920-465-5020 or at

  5. If a course transfers as elective, can I still use it towards degree requirements?
    Possibly. If you used a particular course to satisfy a certain general education requirement at your previous institution, let Academic Advising know. We will try out best to make your transfer courses fit into UWGB’s gen ed requirements.

    If you are interested in using an elective course for a major/minor requirement, you will need to contact the chair of that department. Be prepared to provide a course description and/or syllabus.

  6. I haven’t gotten my credit evaluation yet!
    Credit evaluations are done on a first come, first served basis, and can take up to four weeks to complete. We encourage you to apply early (after September 1st for the following Summer or Fall, after August 1st for the following spring) to ensure your credit evaluation will be done by the priority registration period. Registration for fall classes occurs in April and for spring classes in November. If you transferred from a UW or WI Technical College, you can check how your credits transfer using the Transfer Information System.