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Boot Camps

High-Powered Programs

Advance or change your career in 24 weeks

Our programs equip you with the in-demand skills you need to start a career in coding or data analytics, emplowering you for a high-growth career in the digital economy.

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Our Classroom Comes to You

Learn marketable skills in just 24 part-time weeks with an innovative instruction experience, combining engaging online content with live instructor-led virtual classes, designed to adapt to your unique schedule.

  • Hands-On Projects
  • 1:1 Support
  • Dedicated career services
  • Flexible schedule
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Learn in-demand coding skills in preparation for a career in web development. Code powers our digital world. Become an architect of the future with a market-driven curriculum.

You Ready?
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Data Analytics

Join the data revolution by preparing for a career in data analysis. Glean data-driven insights using coding, statistics and other tools. 

Redefine Your Future