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Parking Permits

Virtual Parking Permit

UW-Green Bay main campus utilizes a Virtual Parking Permit system in which no physical permit is displayed.
Semester virtual parking permits can be purchased at the Bursar Cashiering window during normal business hours.
For full information regarding Virtual Parking Permits and Citations please visit the University Police webpage.

Visitor Parking Permits

Campus Visitor

Please view University Police Visitor Parking page for information regarding Campus Visitor parking.
Individuals visiting campus who occasionally bring a vehicle to campus can park up to 5 (five) unique days per semester without a permit.  Visitors who have exhausted their 5 (five) per semester limit, but don't feel the Semester or Yearly permit is necessary can utilize ParkMobile app to purchase parking.
Please see Pay-by-App Parking page for parking rates and additional information on how the ParkMobile app works.

Overnight Guest Residence Life / Student Housing

Please view University Police Overnight Guest Parking link for further information on overnight parking.
The visitor policy in Residence Life / Student Housing allows for overnight guests.  The guest must be registered with the University housing. All overnight visitors in Residence Life must park in the Studio Arts Parking Lot.  This restriction is enforced year round, regardless of academic calendar or availability of parking on other lots.

The vehicle license plate for the guest must be registered during this process or will be subject to a parking citation.  Information on “Host Responsibilities” for the registration process and the Residence Life Guest policy are available at the Residence Life Guests link.