Parking Permits

For full information regarding Virtual Parking Permits and Citations please visit the Public Safety webpage.

Visitor Parking Permits

Virtual Permit Request - Campus Visitor

Visitors are no longer required to have a visitor parking pass unless they are on campus over 5 (five) times per semester. For those visitors exceeding the 5 (five) per semester limit, a free virtual permit is required. The virtual permit is identified by the vehicle license plate number.
Please register at the following: Visitor Virtual Parking Permit Request

Virtual Permit Request - Residence Life / Student Housing Visitor

The visitor policy in Residence Life / Student Housing allows for overnight guests and the guest must be registered by the Residence Life / Student Housing student hosting the visit. All overnight visitors in Residence Life must park in the Studio Arts Parking Lot. The vehicle license plate for the guest must be registered during this process or will be subject to a parking citation.  Information on “Host Responsibilities” for the registration process and the Residence Life Guest policy are available at the following:  Residence Life Guests