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Resources for Instructors

Learning about Canvas

We've put together multiple ways to learn about Canvas that fit various learning preferences.

Learning about Canvas

Semesterly Workflow

Understand the Canvas workflow each semester and how to prepare your online class.

Semesterly Workflow

Online Teaching Toolkits

Access toolkits and instructor resources for moving courses online.

Teaching Remotely

Finding Support

Need help with Canvas or another instructional tool in the DLE? Use this list to find out about the best places to get support for a specific tool. If you can't find your tool on this list and don't know where to go, please contact the IT Service Desk at or 920-465-2309. An IT technician will point you in the right direction or route your question to the right team.


The best place to find technical support for Canvas is within Canvas itself! Access Canvas support options by clicking the Help button in the Global Navigation Menu located along the left-edge of any page in Canvas. The Help menu contains options for contacting 24x7 Canvas support via live chat, phone, and email. Among other options, the Help menu also contains a link to the Canvas Guides and a link to Canvas' training portal. If you need help logging in to Canvas, please see this guide on the UKnowIT KnowledgeBase.

CATL is creating and collecting resources, advice, and pedagogical best practices for incorporating Canvas into the design of your courses. Please check out the resources contained in the CATL Teaching Toolbox or email to request an individual consultation.


Kaltura is a suite of video tools that can be used to create video content and add it to your Canvas courses. My Media, Course Media Galleries, Video Quizzes, Kaltura Capture, and Kaltura Classroom are all tools that are included in the greater Kaltura suite. Answers to common questions can be found on the UKnowIT KnowledgeBase. Technical support questions should be directed to the IT Service Desk. Resources, advice, and pedagogical best practices for using Kaltura in your courses can be found in the CATL Teaching Toolbox.


The Universities of Wisconsin Zoom contract includes "Premiere+" support which allows all end users to receive prompt support via the Zoom Help Center. Instructors and students can submit a Zoom support request through the web form or start a support chat by clicking the chat bubble icon that is visible in the bottom-right corner of the page while logged in to the Universities of Wisconsin Zoom web portal. Zoom support chats start with an AI chat bot, but if the guidance offered by the bot does not help you resolve the issue immediately, you can indicate that the bot is not helpful to be quickly connected with a live support agent.

CATL is happy to provide consultations on how you can effectively use Zoom to run synchronous online class sessions, and you will find several articles dedicated to Zoom in the CATL blog's Teaching Toolbox.


PlayPosit help articles and resources for instructors can be found on PlayPosit's Knowledge website. PlayPosit support can be contacted by filling out the Help Line form on the vendor's website. Contact CATL for resources, advice, and pedagogical best practices for using PlayPosit in your courses. Guides for making effective use of PlayPosit are available in both the CATL Blog's Teaching Toolbox and the UKnowIT Knowledgebase.


Guides on using Hypothesis in Canvas can be found on both the UknowIT KnowledgeBase and Hypothesis Help website. Tips and best practices for incorporating Hypothesis in your courses can be found on the CATL Blog and you can email to request a one-on-one consultation. Report and receive help with technical issues by filling out the Help Request web form on the Hypothesis website.

Microsoft Teams

UWGB IT is the primary point of support for Microsoft Teams and the rest of the Office 365 suite. The UKnowIT KnowledgeBase contains several articles to help you learn and use Microsoft Teams. Technical issues and questions can be sent to the IT Service Desk. CATL is happy to provide consultations on how you can leverage Teams features in your courses and we have created on Teams guide in the CATL Teaching Toolbox. Please email if you would like to find out more about how Teams can be used alongside Canvas for instruction.


Instructors can review the Honorlock User Guide for Instructors on the UknowIT KnowledgeBase to learn about the requirements and considerations for using Honorlock in a UWGB Canvas course. Technical help articles for instructors can be found on the Honorlock Help Center's Knowledge Base. The guide "Using Honorlock with Canvas" is a good first reference. Faculty can get support for Honorlock through the phone, live chat, and email options listed on the Honorlock Support website. Faculty should make sure that their students are aware that they can get immediate support while taking an Honorlock-enabled exam by accessing the live chat option available within the exam or via the live chat link on the Honorlock support website.


The Qualtrics login and support information can be found on this UKnowIT KnowledgeBase article. UWGB users can contact Qualtrics support directly by following the instructions in this KnowledgeBase article.

The Student Information System (SIS), Email, Qualtrics, and other services...

While other services like SIS and Email are not directly a part of the LMS, they are certainly a part of the ecosystem known as the "DLE." As with anything within the DLE, the best place for technical support varies depending on the service and the level of complexity. For technical assistance the IT Service Desk is the best place to start. For questions regarding effective uses in education, integration of tools into the curriculum, and best practices for teaching and leaning using these tools, please do not hesitate to contact CATL.