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Learning about Canvas

How will I learn to use Canvas effectively?

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has put together multiple ways to learn about Canvas that fit various learning preferences.

Self-paced course

CATL has developed a self-paced online course, Learning and Integrating Technology for Education (LITE) 101: Modalities & Technologies, to help instructors prepare to teach with technology in all modes of instruction. This course provides valuable information how to effectively use Canvas as a platform for teaching. In addition to providing a foundation for teaching with Canvas, this course includes an exploration of effective teaching strategies in each of UWGB's course modalities as well as technical information on the various physical and digital rooms instructors will use for teaching distance education courses. After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Review technology that supports teaching in a specific modality, such as In Person or Virtual Classroom.
  • Demonstrate how technology can enhance student learning experiences.
  • Compare and contrast the different technologies available at UWGB to support student learning experiences.
  • Identify the technology available at UWGB that supports student learning experiences in your specific courses.

The LITE 101 course is the first course in the larger Teaching with Technology Certificate Program at UWGB. Learn more about beginning the Teaching with Technology Certificate series with LITE 101 by selecting the link below.

LITE 101 Course Information

Instructional videos

For an overview of the various aspects in Canvas that are geared toward a UW-System audience, please view the videos from the "train the trainer" session filmed at UW-Whitewater. The version of Canvas in these videos mirrors that which instructors will see when they log into their courses at UWGB.

LinkedIn Learning offers a helpful, friendly, and self-paced course that covers the ins and outs of Canvas. Instructors can chose to learn about all of Canvas or they can target their learning on particular aspects. The LinkedIn Learning course uses the plain-vanilla Canvas set-up; UW-System has chosen to employ a slightly different template. Some aspects in the LinkedIn Learning course will differ from the course instructors see when they log into their courses. The LinkedIn Learning course requires users to login with their campus username and password.

Review the Canvas Guides

Canvas has created an extensive knowledge base intended to help instructors and students use the Canvas learning management system. You can get a top-level overview of Canvas features in the Canvas Basics Guide, dive into detailed how-to instructions in the Canvas Instructor Guide, and watch instructional videos on their Video Guides page. Please note that the UW-System Canvas configuration enforces some default Canvas course settings to promote consistency between courses, so not all options in these Canvas guides will be available in your Canvas courses.