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UW-Green Bay Child Research

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Innovative Child Research

The UW-Green Bay Child’s Lab seeks to find new truths in children research. The lab is directed by the visionary Psychology Professor, Dr. Sawa Senzaki. The research team consists of brilliant faculty and student researchers studying children’s social, cognitive, and brain development in an attempt to solve the problems of the future. The team typically works with children from birth to 10 years of age and often conduct cross-cultural studies by working with children here at Green Bay community and around the world.

Transform the Future of Child Care

The UW-Green Bay Research Team is always looking for junior scientists, who can help our research by participating in our projects. Our safe project designs are fun for children to participate. They will play games, tell stories, or watch videos. The research is only possible with the support of many families like you.

Be part of an exciting scientific discovery.

UW-Green Bay Research Team
Dr. Sawa Senzaki

Education: Ph.D. University of Alberta

Dr. Senzaki’s research interests lie at the crossroads of cultural, developmental, and social psychology. Read more.

Child Lab Research

What a Jr. Scientist Does

An excerpt from Little Pilots, Big Study.
"He’s busy studying a computer screen and obviously enjoying himself. Nearby, an undergraduate student monitors the pilot’s brain activity. Mom is watching nearby through a two-way mirror."

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Child lab research

Become a Researcher

The Research Team is searching for new answers on how do children learn to navigate the social world. Are you a student who wants real world research experience and a chance to explore and change the front lines of child psychology?

Join the Research Team.

Research speaker

UW-Green Bay Research

Research conducted in the Child Lab has been already put to use in many cultural psychology publications like When is perception top-down and when is it not? Culture, narrative and attention, Cognitive Science, 1-14.

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