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If you’re interested in participating in any of the projects, please Sign up to participate here!

Brain Development Project: Ages 3-4

In this project, we are studying how children’s brain develop in early years. Children will wear a child-friendly EEG cap (in the picture), and watch some cartoons. We’ll also ask parents to join their children about telling stories about cartoons they watch. We will be recording children’s brainwaves. This is a collaborative project with Dr. Jason Cowell (Neuroscience Lab, UW-Green Bay).

Child in child-friendly EEG cap

Global Kids Project (Long-term): Ages 6-11

This project focuses on social and cognitive development of children from ages 6 to 11. In this project, we will be working with the same group of children for 4 years. Children will play some child-friendly games, tell stories, and draw pictures. We are conducting this study globally – currently in Green Bay, U.S. and Japan. It takes about 1.5-hr to participate in this project.

drawing of globe

Child Story Project: Ages 6-9

In this project, we are studying how children remember different events. Children will watch child-friendly videos and tell stories about them. We will study how children remember variety of details in the videos. This is a collaborative work with professors at Cornell University, Dr. Qi Wang and Dr. Khena Marie Iyer Swallow.

Two children sitting outside