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If you would like more information about the Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey or would like to request use of the data set, please contact us at


The Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey was a shining example of “community science,” involving >680 volunteers since its grassroots origin in 1987. The project began as a collaborative partnership between the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society (Michael Grimm, John Braastad, Charles Frisk, Carl Hujet, Jerry Lemerond, Peter McKeever, Mike Reed, Terrie Howe, and others), UW-Green Bay (Robert Howe, Amy Wolf, Erin Giese, and others), and the Nicolet National Forest (Tony Rinaldi, Gary Zimmer, Bill Reardon, and Joe Kastenholz). The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology also co-sponsored the event during its early years and contributed many regular observers, including Sam Robbins, Noel Cutright, Bettie Harriman, Tom Schultz, Jim Baughman, Jeff Baughman, and others. Leadership of the project has continued through UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Center for Biodiversity (Robert Howe and Amy Wolf) and U.S. Forest Service biologists Linda Parker, Michael Peczynski, Tom Matthiae, Scott Anderson, Nicole Shutt, and Steve Janke. Other supporters in the U.S. Forest Service have included Mike Miller, Paul Strong, Jack Troyer, Joel Holtrop, and many seasonal and permanent employees who have participated in the project. Twenty-one experienced birders (Ryan Atwater, James Baughman, Joan Berkopec, Paul and Suzanne Bowman, John Braastad, Greg Cleereman, Ron Eichhorn, Michael Grimm, Robert Howe, Steve Janke, Mark Jaunzems, John Krause, Thomas Matthiae, Mark Naniot, Jennifer Nieland, Linda Parker, Michael Peczynski, Zelma Rosenbaum, Amy Wolf, and Gary Zimmer) have participated as group leaders or experts during at least half of the annual Nicolet NF bird survey weekends since 1989, and at least 21 others, including professional ornithologists, wildlife biologists, and avid birders have participated during 5 or more years. Important volunteer contributors to other aspects of the project include Jennifer Nieland, Andy Paulios, Jay Roberts, Nicholas Walton, Erin Giese, Kim McKeefry, Mike Stiefvater, Vicki Medland, Jennifer Davis, Larry Riedinger, Robert Firary, Pat Goggin, Paul Rasmussen, and the Zimmer family.