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Shrine of St. Anthony of Padua

In 1925, Odile Le Mieux, had the Shrine of St. Anthony of Padua built in the woods adjoining her home. It was built initially as a place for her son, Fr. Ed Le Mieux to pray and say mass, when he visited and then later became a sanctuary for her to pray when she could no longer travel to the parish church.

It was constructed by Odile’s husband Joseph LeMieux, a stonemason who built lighthouses on the Great Lakes. He and his brother-in-law, Fabian LaPlant built the 12-by-18-foot building in the summer of 1925. The used limestone cut from the escarpment directly behind the building. The exterior has rounded arches over its eight windows and a single door. Details include a decorative design worked into the front of the arching roof. Most of the inside of the chapel was designed and built by LaPlant who was a skilled carpenter, including the altar, kneelers, table, altar and pedestals. The interior features white plaster walls, wood floor, wood support beams for the roof, wood-framed windows and statues with the likeness of the chapel's original namesake, St. Anthony.

Le Mieux’s descendents, the Jadin family, still maintain the chapel in the woods in cooperation with the maintenance crew at the university. It is favorite spot for family to visit during the summer months after Saturday evening Mass at Holy Cross. While the university does routine maintenance to keep the chapel, it lacks the funds to do extensive structural or preservation work. The Jadin family and volunteers keep the chapel open. Anyone interested in using the chapel or in contributing to the LeMieux Chapel Fund may call the University Advancement Office at (920) 465-2074.

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