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Honors Cords

Students at commencement

Honors Cords are determined by Academic Records held in the Office of the Registrar. Additional information about Degree Honors and Honors in the Major can be obtained from the UW-Green Bay Undergraduate Catalog. If you have questions or concerns regarding your eligibility to wear honor cords, please contact Raelynn Smith ( in the Registrar's Office.

Students will be recognized at the Commencement ceremony with academic honor cords provided the following requirements are met:

Minimum of 48 graded credits in residence at UWGB, including credits in progress nullduring the final term at UW-Green Bay. (Graded credits exclude P/NP courses.)

The student's cumulative grade point average needs to meet the minimum requirements at the end of the semester preceding his or her final term. For students who graduate in the spring or summer term, the GPA from the previous fall or winter will be used. For students who graduate in the fall or winter term, the GPA from the previous spring or summer will be used.

*Honors designations on transcripts will be based upon the student's complete academic record, meaning honors can be rescinded, increased or added upon final assessment of grades and degree requirements in the final semester.

Honors requirements for students who earn baccalaureate degrees are:
Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average from 3.5 to 3.749;
Magna Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average from 3.75 to 3.849;
Summa Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher; or a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 to 3.849 and eligibility for and successful completion of an honors in the major project.

The honor cords will be available at no charge at the Graduation Resource Fair in November (Fall/Winter Commencement) and in April (Spring/Summer Commencement), and in UWGB Union, Office of Student Life beginning the following day. Although the cords reflect no distinction between the 3 levels of honors achievement, it will be announced as you receive your diploma and will be noted in the ceremony program booklet. Master's degree candidates do not wear cords.

If you have other academic or honor society regalia from UW-Green Bay such as medallions, pins, or sashes, it can be worn on the gown along with the academic honor cords. International education sashes may also be worn, and can be ordered through the International Education Office. More information can be found on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Commencement Apparel and Regalia Policy, as well as a list of approved academic and non-academic regalia and contact information for honor societies and approved non-academic organizations.