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Comm Week

Connect, Innovate, and Grow

Get Ready For Communication Fun!

Communication Week is UW-Green Bay's very own week to celebrate the past, present, and future of UW-Green Bay's Communication Department. 

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Professor Phil Clampitt with Comm Week Award winners
People assembled at tables for Comm WeekComm Week DinnerPresenter at comm week dinnerInfo booth at comm week

What isComm Week?

In 2017, the first-ever Communication week kicked off on Monday, January 30th with our "Comm one Comm all" event and ended with a bang on February 2nd with the Banquet: "Entrepreneurial Excellence Driven by Communication, Critical Thinking, and Continuous Improvement" by the founders of Dental City.

In total, over 180 people came out and attended Comm Week 2017 events, helping to make the first UW-Green Bay Communication Week a major success!

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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Communication department established its roots in 1969. UWGB Communication students all share the same roots: the core values and skills they've learned here that have helped them develop their lives and careers.


The leaves of the tree represent the unique individuals that have grown from the tree that is UWGB Communication. Even though all Comm alumni and students walk their own path, they're all still connected to each other through the Comm tree.


Just like a tree, the Communication Department is always growing. The department always strives to improve, adapt and innovate: demonstrating one of our core values of continuous improvement.