Founders Award Winners

Anyone from the UW-Green Bay community can nominate a faculty member, instructor, lecturer or staff member for the Founders Association Awards.  These are the College of Science and Technology's past winners.

University Staff Award for Excellence

This award offers recognition to members of the university staff whose activities, accomplishments, and service within the institution and the community are most deserving of acknowledgement by the University. Other criteria include, but are not limited to, exemplary commitment to their work, innovation and creativity, initiation of activities valuable to the institution and/or to a range of people in a number of different ways, positive interaction with peers, students, faculty, and staff at UW-Green Bay and/or the community; sustained level of excellence in commitment and attitude.

2021 - Amy Ibuaka
2017 - Janet Ludke
2012 - Mark Damie

Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Quality, number and impact of articles and books published; performances, exhibits, residences, commissions, workshops and/or conference presentations, grants. Other criteria include but are not limited to the nominee's reputation within the academic community, the interdisciplinary excellence of their work, the capacity to integrate their scholarship with other activities.

2019 - Patrick Forsythe
2017 - Robert Howe
2015 - Mathew Dornbush

2014 - Amy Wolf
2013 - Mike Draney
2012 - David Dolan
1993 - Robert Howe

1988 - Hallett (Bud) Harris
1983 - Ronald Stieglitz
1978 - Paul Sager
1975 - V. M. Ganga Nair

Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Evaluation forms from a variety of courses over a sustained period, evidence of teaching innovations and/or writing assignments. Number of independent studies, honors projects, internships, or graduate projects undertaken. Other criteria include but are not limited to her/his teaching style, enthusiasm, relevance of teaching to other academic work and interest shown in students.

2022 - James Kabrhel

2021 - Brian Merkel
2000 - Warren Johnson
1997 - Donna Ritch
1992 - Joseph Moran

1986 - Michael Morgan
1985 - Ronald Starkey
1984 - Charles Ihrke
1982 - Keith White

University Award for Excellence in Community Outreach

Functions as a liaison between the University and the community (could include media); participates in volunteer work, clubs, service organizations, advisory boards, foundations; organizes forums or community programs; makes regular presentations to the public. Other criteria include but are not limited to chairing community groups, community based grants, linking their professional work to applied settings.

2019 - Dietetics Program
2015 - John Luczaj
2007 - Kevin Fermanich
2006 - John Katers

1992 - Thomas McIntosh
1990 - Steven Dutch
1988 - Tom Van Koevering
1975 - Harold (Jack) Day

University Award for Excellence in Institutional Development

Number, importance, and range of committees or activities that serve the institution on either the local or system wide level. Leadership qualities, knowledge of issues, capacity of encourage and motivate other (collegiality). Other criteria include but are not limited to the level of institutional commitment, attitude, and character.

2022- Mike Draney
2018 - Patricia Terry

2016 - Steve Meyer
2010 - Greg Davis
1996 - Leander Schwartz
1993 - Paul Sager

1992 - Dorothea Sager
1985 - Robert Wenger
1984 - David Jowett
1983 - Charles Rhyner

University Award for Excellence in Collaborative Achievement

This award offers recognition to members of a committee, task force, special group or department working to advance the mission of the University. The group may include faculty, staff, students and community members. Criteria include but are not limited to willingness and ability to work across campus reporting lines, ability to engage in creative initiatives.

2022 - Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

2017- Vicki Medland
2013 - EMBI
2005 - Harold (Jack) Day
2005 - Robert Wenger