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We are always looking for students and community members to volunteer with us! If you are interested in volunteering, contact You may also inquire with our President and/or Advisor. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.

Please sign in on the Volunteer Sign In sheet on the shelf when you walk into the room. Use your full first and last name, please. Providing your email is optional, but you will receive limited emails about more volunteer opportunities and invitations to our Volunteer Celebration. 

Perks of Volunteering with the Campus Cupboard:

  • We are a nonprofit food pantry for students and their families
  • Your contributions will help students and their families in need
  • You can work on your own time, and we allow for flexible scheduling for volunteer shifts
  • You can use your volunteer times for required volunteer hours (ex: student orgs, community service requirements, etc.)
  • COVID-19 Staffing Needs: In our mission to keep the campus community safe, we are looking for volunteers to help with daily cleaning of Campus Closet spaces. This involves disinfecting door handles and high-touched surfaces, rehanging clothing and putting away misplaced items, and help students find what they are looking for. 
  • Donation Sort: We are looking for volunteers to sort new donations into their appropriate areas. Take any donations left on any of the tables or in the donation room and sort them accordingly. When sorting food, place items near similar items. If there are no items on the shelf like the one you have, use your best judgment to place the item in its new home.
  • Food Sort: We are looking for volunteers to help label food items in our space with their expiration dates. If an item is expiring within the month or has already expired, place it on the metal drawers in the front of the room, under the chalkboard. This job can be done on your own time. Contact us for more information and to set up training.
If you have a disability and would like to discuss accommodations, contact Stacie Christian at (920) 465-2167.