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Creativity with Purpose

Our program emphasizes design collaboration as solution finding tool.

Successful designs are rarely created in a vacuum. In your courses, you’ll work with other students for feedback and critique. Your projects will only improve as you gain inspiration and critiques from your peers. One advanced class, Design Publication Workshop, is fully collaborative – you'll work together to create a magazine. You'll gain confidence working as team member that will not only improve your creative skills, but also result in a stronger final product.

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Similar Yet Different:
Two Areas of Study

We offer classes in graphic design and environmental design.

Environmental designer works on concepts

Environmental Design

More and more, companies are recognizing the importance of sustainability in design. Environmental design incorporates this demand, creating beautiful, eco-friendly spaces that are the perfect blend between what nature builds and what we build. Our program focuses on a variety of real-world projects like the design of business and living spaces, redesign of industrial river frontage into green space and urban renewal projects.

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Graphic Design

In graphic design, you'll learn how to solve problems, think creatively and design with purpose. You'll apply The Design Process to create project solutions intended to captivate and capture a specific target audience. Projects include illustration, logo design, print advertising, web and social media, packaging design, publication design, animation and UX design.

Chart Your Course(s)

View an example of what classes to take and when during your time here at UW-Green Bay. Remember that this is a guide, not an exact template of what you should take, so contact your advisor to figure out what's best for you.

Curriculum Guide  

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Build Your Skills

Building experience now translates to more job offers in the future.

Hone your skills and flex your creative muscles through hands-on opportunities. From internships to study abroad to our student art exhibit, you'll get experience, find out more about your creative process and build a portfolio.


Major, Double Major or Minor?

The design major is a 52 credit program that includes the opportunity to enroll in a structured selection of graphic design, environmental design and fine arts courses. The design major also can be paired with other majors in art, marketing, communications and computer science.

If you're majoring in art, communications, marketing, computer science, English or environmental science, the design minor is valuable to extend your knowledge and skill.

Josh Braun, Design Lead at elementl

Develop Your Portfolio

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Design Arts program. The course projects helped me build a portfolio that led to my first design job, and it helped me develop the fundamental design skills and principles that I’ve used throughout my entire career."

Josh Braun '12
Communication & Design Arts Majors | Design Lead at Elementl

Alison Gates

Ask a Professor

Meet Alison Gates, professor here UW-Green Bay and our faculty mentor for the design program. She goes the extra mile to ensure students understand class material and get experience outside of class. If you have questions about our program, just ask!

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