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What is Navigate?

Navigate is a student success management system. The software supports the advising workflow and student planning by incorporating the best practices into UW-Green Bay’s student success and advising programs. The software empowers students with information and tools and helps advisors, faculty and staff build more effective, timely support to improve student outcomes.

While Navigate users extend beyond advisors, this project supports 360 Advising priorities and strategies to expand high quality, proactive advising to improve retention and guide students to graduation.

Provide smart guidance and intelligent information at the most pivotal moments students encounter in college, simplifying and structuring the student journey to completion

Create a connected and coordinated network of support for every student, enabling targeted intervention and proactive, strategic care.

Unlock the power of data analytics and machine learning to bring timely student success management intelligence to administrators and leaders.

Appointment Scheduler

Students can use the Navigate Student Appointments feature to schedule advising, tutoring and other appointments on campus. An Appointment Campaign is an important feature that allows staff members to reach out to specific populations of students to encourage them to schedule appointments.

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Success Story

carter crowley

The Navigate App was extremely helpful for me, especially as a new UW-Green Bay Student because I was able to make appointments very easily with my advisor. During my first year at UW-Green Bay I had seen my advisor so many times and the scheduling feature on the app made it easy for me to pick a day and time that worked best for me. It was a quick and easy process and took only a minute or two. I would also get a reminder email about my appointment so I would not forget. I would definitely recommend that students get the Navigate app for scheduling appointments with their advisor.

I work at The Learning Center on campus and last semester the Navigate App added The Learning Center as another way for students to make their own appointments. You can go into the app and schedule a tutoring appointment for a class that you need help with. You can pick the day and time and schedule your tutoring appointment from your phone, as an alternative to emailing or going to the front desk. I would also recommend that students use the app to schedule TLC Tutoring appointments.

-Carter Crowley

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