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Environmental Management & Business Institute



The Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) was established in August 2008, and helps strengthen the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s leadership position in the promotion of environmental awareness and eco-friendly initiatives.

The establishment of the EMBI is a step in the evolution of UW-Green Bay’s historic mission of studying environmental issues and developing solutions to problems; solutions that recognize the critical interconnections between science, policy and business, and the social contexts within which they occur.

UW-Green Bay earned early recognition and national acclaim by Harper’s Magazine and other national venues as “Eco U” much because of its multidisciplinary approach to solving problems, including those of the environmental nature. The EMBI complements the University’s solid reputation as a campus that impressed sustainable practices on campus and in its community long before “green” became trendy.

The EMBI will strive to work with public- and private-sector partners throughout the New North region to make the region synonymous with sustainability and environmental leadership. Helping businesses develop opportunities to reduce their environmental impact while increasing profitability is good for business. Today’s public view has evolved to where “good business” is not only profitable, but is also recognized for good stewardship of the environment.

For more program information contact Director John Arendt