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Intern Highlights

The stars of the Certificate program are of course, the students. With preparatory classes in business, environmental policy, and environmental science under their belts, students enter regional organizations prepared with a skill set that allows them to shine. Sustainability issues vary from company to company and our students are able to adapt what they have learned in the classroom to develop solutions to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

Listen to our students discuss their experiences and know that each of our student interns could tell similar stories about their experiences. When you employ an EMBI intern, you receive a dedicated student with the academic strength of University of Wisconsin – Green Bay behind them.

Marissa Michalkiewicz

Listen as Marissa Michalkiewicz tells her story as she migrates from new student to EMBI certificate student to UW-Green Bay alum. You will hear as she describes all of the internship opportunities she participated in and how they helped to steer her towards the career works in today.

Beth Ledvina, Intern for Green Bay Botanical Garden

During her internship in the Spring of 2014, Beth helped to establish a recycling program, that was entirely funded through a grant she co-authored. Among other contributions during her internship, Beth brought forth composting, improved social media outreach, and helped to get Green Bay Botanical Garden certified by Travel Green Wisconsin.

Robyn Nielsen, One of Two EMBI Interns Working on the Brown County Zero Waste

The Brown County Waste Stream Committee is one of four economic development committees created in March 2012 by Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach. This committee focused on establishing an attainable business plan and long-term strategy of redirecting the amount of waste going into landfills and turning it into marketable, saleable materials, thus positioning Brown County to be economically and environmentally sustainable. EMBI interns Robyn Nielsen and Jennifer Jankiewicz assisted the Committe with the development of a White Paper outlining a long-term strategy.

EMBI’s Lead Intern for the Aurora BayCare Medical Center Project, Jake Eggert

The multi-year partnership between Aurora BayCare Medical Center and the Environmental Management and Business Institute at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (EMBI) has proven to be very successful. Best practice manuals, cost-benefit analysis, waste minimization, and true cost metrics were developed by interns. True energy efficiency means more than simply reducing energy usage, rather, it means doing more with less. Aurora has realized great savings and has the opportunity to continue to improve efficiency as more projects are developed and implemented.