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What you can do with this major

Use the following as an idea list, and remember that they represent some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider in English.

The following list represents a few of the kinds of career titles for English majors:

Account Executive, Actor/Actress, Advertising Copywriter, Artist, Author of Fiction & Non-Fiction, Assistant Scientific Writer, Biographer, Book Critic, Circulation Assistant, College Professor, Columnist/Commentator, Comedy Writer, Copywriter, Creative Writer, Art/Book Critic, Desktop Publisher, Documentation Specialist, Editor, Literary Agent, Journalist, Manuscript Reader, Marketing Specialist, Narrator, Paralegal, Playwright, Poet, Proofreader, Public Speaker, Publisher, Radio and TV Commentator, Reporter, Researcher, Teacher, Technical Writer...

The following list represents a few of the kinds of businesses and institutions that employ English majors:

  • Writing/Editing - Newspapers, magazines, broadcast media--script writing, trade, professional or consumer publications, promotional, advertising agencies, colleges and universities, any organization or publication with technical focus or technical areas
  • Literature Related - Public and private libraries, universities, businesses, government agencies, bookstores, books, magazines and newspapers, radio, TV, movies, companies, institutions, special interest groups, local, state, and federal government, museums, libraries, businesses, Special interest groups
  • Education - Public schools, private schools
  • Publishing - Special interest magazines, trade magazines, association and organizational magazines, Sunday newspaper supplements, mass-market paperbacks, educational and professional books, religious books and magazines
  • Advertising - Advertising agencies, in-house agencies of large companies
  • Public Relations - Public relations firms, advertising agencies, in-house public relations departments, trade associations, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations

Want to know more about the nature of the work, working conditions, earnings, training, and job outlook? Then check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook.