The Power of Science—the Passion of Sustainability

Thinking about going into engineering? Why not save the planet while you’re at it? Combining math, science and sustainability, as an environmental engineer you’ll be at the forefront of addressing some of the most vital regional and global challenges—from air pollution to water quality. 

Even more impressive, you’ll be earning your degree from the original “Eco U.” From the very beginning, UW-Green Bay has been nationally and internationally recognized for its environmental academic focus and commitment to sustainable practice. You’ll be a part of that proud tradition.

There’s a lot more to Environmental Engineering Technology than being an environmentalist with a scientific calculator! Courses emphasize hands-on training and technology for air, water, and soils. Even better, your classroom includes the natural beauty of the UW-Green Bay campus, our 290 acres of natural arboretum, and the bay itself. From day one, you’ll connect with the region’s natural resources to inspire your studies, provide opportunities for research, and fuel your passions.

Students doing surveying work on the Lab Sciences building lawn

What You’ll Learn

Prevent, assess, and solve environmental problems using engineering principles and applied chemistry, math, biology, and physics. See the learning outcomes.
Student Depas using STEM engineering equipment

What You’ll Do

Develop skills in hands-on application and interdisciplinary coursework in engineering, mathematics, geoscience, chemistry, physics, and biology applied to a variety of environmental challenges. See the curriculum guide.
Environmental Engineering Technology students getting field experience.

Where You’ll Work

Paths include water and waste water treatment, air pollution control, habitat restoration, solid and hazardous waste management, and many more. See the degree description.
Student participating in soil science labs.

Wisconsin Needs You!

As both urban and rural areas work toward attaining higher water and air quality, environmental engineers will be increasingly in demand to plan improvements. See the requirements to complete this.

Environmental Engineering Technology at a Glance

$79,898 average salary for an environmental engineer in Wisconsin
The estimated average salary for an environmental engineer in Wisconsin.
2,900 jobs in environmental engineering
Estimated number of environmental engineering jobs opening up between 2018 and 2028
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
$48,000 in Wisconsin
Best Engineering Job Nationally
U.S. News and World Report

Thrive in the field

Outdoors or in? The choice is yours with these popular careers:

  • Compliance technologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental quality technologist
  • Hazardous waste technologist
  • Health and safety manager
  • Laboratory manager
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment
  • Park naturalist
  • Sustainability manager

Maria Yang 2019 Environmental Engineering Graduate

‘The experiences I needed.’

“From lectures and labs to group projects, the Environmental Engineering Technology program at UW-Green Bay has provided me with the experiences I needed to become a knowledgeable, practical, and commutative engineer. Everything I have worked on so far in my career has had some sort of connection to what I've learned through this program. I believe my experiences at UWGB  will always be applied to my career.”

—Maria Yang, ’19
Environmental Engineer, Himalayan Consultants
A multidisciplinary consulting firm focused on engineering and environmental services.

Become a Phoenix

UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More

How Do I Get Started?

More About Environmental Engineering Technology

Michael Holly, UW-Green Bay Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology

Ask the Professor

Hi, I’m Michael Holly, a professor of environmental engineering at UW-Green Bay. Our interdisciplinary program develops the critical problem-solving skills valued by industrial, governmental and engineering-services firms. Our goal is to develop well-rounded engineering technologists who can adapt and succeed in a highly competitive workplace.

What else would you like to know? We’ve got all sorts of ways you can experience life at UW-Green Bay. You can contact me personally using the form below or schedule your visit. Talk to you soon!

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