We are the Fraternity & Sorority Life Community of UW-Green Bay. As a community, we are guided by a committee called the Fraternity & Sorority Council, made up of an Executive Board and two representatives from each affiliated Greek organization.

Pillars of Fraternity & Sorority Life at UW-Green Bay:

Creating life-long friendships in the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood congruent with the values of our organizations.
Developing a community built on respect for and inclusion of all members of our community.  We embrace the differences and similarities we all share that make a diverse and vibrant family of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
Fostering academic excellence and providing resources for student success.  Creating an environment where members live and learn together in a community of scholars.
Making a positive impact on our community through philanthropy and outreach to those around us in need, enriching our members experience and bettering the lives of others.
Developing skills and talents for members of our community to create campus leaders and create employment ready graduates ready to embrace and lead in the workforce.

School Spirit

Be passionate supporters of all aspects of UW-Green Bay and lead the campus is showing Phoenix pride by attending sporting and other events and being visible and vocal supports of our university.


To view and learn more about UW-Green Bay Fraternity & Sorority Life and events, see our Facebook and Instagram page (@fslife_uwgb).