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Declaring a Minor

To declare a Minor in French and Francophone Studies complete the following steps.

1. Explore the following emphases for your minor:

2. Complete the Declare My Major/Minor Certificate form - be sure to select an emphasis for your minor.

3. Questions can be directed to Cristina Ortiz at ortizc@uwgb.edu.

Electronic forms require an active UWGB network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active or if you don't have a valid UWGB network user ID, click on the form. You will have to create a user account at the log in page to complete the electronic form.

If you are having difficulty accessing this form please call GBOSS at 920-465-2111.

Note: If you have a hold on your account because you need to declare a major/minor, that hold will not be removed until you have had your advisor sign off on the declaration form and the Registrar's Office has processed the formal paperwork.