Parking Permit

All students are assessed a virtual parking permit fee when tuition and fees for the upcoming term are applied to their SIS account. Students who do not use the parking services can easily “opt out” though an option on their SIS account which removes the permit fee.

How do I opt out?

In SIS>Student Center>Under Student Links>Click Opt Out/in under Parking Permits.

How much does it cost to park on campus?

Parking permit rates are listed here.

Where can I park on campus?

There are several parking lots close to academic buildings and housing.

Do guests need parking permits?

Visitor parking is free. More information on Visitor parking can be seen here.

What about parking fines and appeals?

All parking regulation information can be viewed here.

Do I need a parking permit for summer classes?

Summer parking permits are required for students who did not have a permit in fall or spring and are purchased at the Bursar’s office (SS 1300).