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Study Abroad

The UW-Green Bay German Program offers a number of ways for students, and people in the community to study abroad in Germany, or attend a travel course.

Hessen Exchange

Students in the UW-Green Bay German Program and other academic programs have the opportunity of studying abroad at a broad selection of universities in the state of Hessen. Students enrolled on the Hessen exchange have the opportunity of living and studying with other German university students for either a semester, a year and/or a month in either summer or January. You can find further information about the individual universities and programs here.

Why study abroad?

While studying abroad students acquire valuable linguistic skills and cultural knowledge as well as a sense of the world, which sets them apart as they pursue career goals. In recent years business and government leaders have underscored their need for a work force with such international experience, foreign language proficiency and intercultural awareness in order to compete in an increasingly interconnected world economy. Past students on the program have ranked their study abroad experience as one of the most rewarding aspects of their undergraduate education.

About Hessen

Hessen, once the seat of landgraves and princes, is now a modern state of approximately six million inhabitants, located in west-central Germany and one of the country's largest economies. Hessen, which includes the cities of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Kassel and Marburg as well as the German Fairy Tale Road is connected today to the rest of Europe by an extensive high-tech rail system, which brings visitors to numerous castles, museums and art exhibits throughout the state and beyond. The state of Hessen is home to some of Germany's leading universities and research institutes offering courses in virtually all disciplines as well as an extensive interdisciplinary curriculum.

What can I study in Hessen?

Exchange students can take courses in all academic departments at the University. All courses are taught in German with the exception of those in the English and Foreign Language programs. Most American university students of German take courses in the German Department, which includes German as a Second Language courses as well as culture and literature courses and courses in Translation studies, but you may take courses in other fields, for example, philosophy, history, literature, and business.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • At least 2 years of college German or equivalent 
  • 2.75 cumulative G.P.A.
  • Personal maturity and flexibility
  • Approval of a Professor in the UW-Green Bay German Program

What about housing?

To encourage maximum immersion in the language and culture of Germany, students participating in exchange program have several housing options in Hessen, including single dormitory rooms, a room in a group apartment on campus, off campus housing or family stays. Dormitories are either within walking distance or near the city bus line.

Semester Calendar and Orientation

The dates for the academic calendar in Hessen are approximately as follows:

  • Fall semester: October - February
  • Spring semester: April - August

Most exchange students participate in an Orientation program, during the first week of the semester in Hessen, during which time they will be introduced to the International Exchange Office, the academic programs and university environment.

Fees and Estimated Expenses

In addition to regular full-time tuition at UW-Green Bay, students will need to pay approximately between $3600-4500 if they are planning on studying one semester. This estimate includes transatlantic airfare, housing, insurance, food allowance, student fees, residence permit, city bus pass and living and miscellaneous expenses. We are providing an estimate, since student spending habits tend to vary quite a bit.

How do I register for the exchange?

Students enroll for full-time status at UW-Green Bay for the 12-15 credit umbrella course entitled German-485 Semester Abroad in Germany. All students must also complete an application, academic agreement and housing request form, which can be obtained from the UW-Green Bay International Education Office, which organize required stateside orientation programs for the Hessen exchange. After the Orientation Program in Hessen students select courses there on site and discuss their selection and course requirements with their professors at UWGB. At the end of the semester, they return these course titles and the grades received in these courses to the UW-Green Bay German Program and they will replace the umbrella course listed above on their transcripts.

Application Deadlines

Students can obtain applications from the International Education Office. Application deadlines are as follows:

  • For Fall semester DEADLINE: March 15
  • For Spring semester DEADLINE: October 1

Find more information on the International Education website.