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Learning Outcomes

This interdisciplinary minor is open to all undergraduate students who wish to improve their education by adding a global dimension to their program of study. The Global Studies minor has a flexible curriculum aimed at preparing globally competent graduates of UW-Green Bay for entry into a diversified world full of global challenges and opportunities. The minor will help students be more competitive when applying to graduate studies in a variety of fields as well as being more attractive as a job candidate in a variety of careers.

Upon completing the minor in Global Studies, students will be able to

  • reflect upon and ask questions about connections and contradictions in public debates over globalization.
  • recognize and identify different disciplinary perspectives being used when discussing globalization.
  • evaluate differences in political systems, including institutional design and the roles that citizens play in them.
  • analyze the complex nature of global environmental sustainability issues and problems and the interrelated roles of science, administration, politics, and technology in their solution.
  • explain how human societies are inextricably connected with local, regional, and global systems.