Healthcare Technology

These are the course and credit requirements for an Emphasis in Healthcare Technology. View the Healthcare Technology Emphasis on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Healthcare Technology
Core Courses49
HIMT 301
Digital Literacy in Healthcare
HIMT 310
Healthcare Systems and Organizations
HIMT 320
Survey of Information Technology in Healthcare
HIMT 330
Healthcare I: Terminology & Body Systems
HIMT 340
Ethical issues, Security Management and Compliance
HIMT 350
Statistics for Healthcare
HIMT 360
Healthcare II: Survey of Disease & Treatments
HIMT 370
Healthcare Systems: Analysis & Design
HIMT 380
Healthcare Billing, Coding and Reimbursement
HIMT 400
Healthcare Information and Technology - Data
HIMT 410
Healthcare Sytems: Implementation and Integration
HIMT 420
Healthcare Systems: Project Management
HIMT 430
Quality Assessment and Improvement
HIMT 440
Group Processes, Team Building and Leadership
HIMT 450
Healthcare Information and Technology - Standards
HIMT 489
Pre-Capstone (Must be taken semester prior to HIMT 490)
HIMT 490
Healthcare Technology Emphasis12
HIMT 345
Programming and Software Development
HIMT 375
Database Structures and Management Systems
HIMT 425
Data Warehousing and Mining
HIMT 435
Data Communications and Networks in Healthcare
Total Credits61