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Ben Geisler

Ben Geisler

Dr. Geisler has worked at six video game development studios over the past 23 years, contributing to best-selling games for Xbox 360, PS4, and others. Ben holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science; he is a programmer by education and trade. But he has also served as a producer and was involved with publisher relations at THQ, Activision and others. His past credits include Soldier of Fortune 2, X-Men Legends, Quake 4, Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Prey 2, Batman Arkham Origins, New World, and Prototype, along with publications on game research and practical applications. Ben has also created software for Android and iOS devices including recent work in drone technology. He is currently serving as a Principal Engineer at E-Line Media where he's hard at work on Never Alone 2.
Ben still enjoys teaching game design and development courses, leading the area's only Global Game Jam location, and teaching summer camps to 8th-12th graders using tools such as Unreal Engine 5.