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I have approval, now what?

Protocol Renewal, Significant Modifications, and Reports

The IACUC must review all approved protocols annually.  The annual review process is as follows:

  • The researcher will receive a reminder from IACUC one month before their annual review is required (see chart below for annual review deadlines). 
  • The researcher submits an annual progress report, outlining any changes or modifications that have been made and/or any adverse events that have occurred. 
  • Unless there have been significant modifications made to the original protocol, the Annual Progress Report will be reviewed by the IACUC Chair. 
Original Approval DateAnnual Progress Report Deadline
Spring September 1st
FallJune 1st
SummerJanuary 1st

Renewal Form

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Significant Modifications

Significant modifications are defined as those protocol changes that have, or have the potential to have, a negative impact on animal welfare. Significant modifications require member-designated or full-committee review.  Many changes can be handled administratively, and it is strongly recommended that PIs contact the IACUC chair directly to discuss proposed changes to approved protocols.

Progress Reports

Protocols working with non-USDA designated species can be approved for up to 3 years.  These protocols require annual progress reports to remain active and approved.

Annual Report Form

Final Reports

At the end the approved protocol period, PIs must submit an official final report to IACUC.

Final Report Form