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CITI Training

UW-Green Bay's newest research compliance training program

CITI training is available for all campus principal investigators and student investigators seeking research compliance training and certification on the topics of:

  1. Research involving human subjects
  2. Research involving animals
  3. Research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids and biological hazards
  4. Responsible conduct of research
  5. Research and conflicts of interest

CITI Training Website

In addition, the university asks that all faculty who submit any applications for extramural funding (this would include any grant application or contract) complete the CITI courses on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Conflict of Interest (COI). These are short courses that include invaluable information for any level of researcher, and are required by some granting agencies. Investigators will need to complete the COI course prior to acceptance of any grant or contract award, and complete RCR training within one year of an award (or based on agency requirements).

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For questions, please contact the chair of the IBC, Georgette Heyrman, or the IBC general e-mail,