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Post Approval

1. Yearly Annual Review

While IBC protocols are approved for 3 years, you must submit an Annual Review to the IBC each year of the project. At the end of the 3 year period, the PI must indicate in the Annual Review form if the project is continuing or terminating. If the project is complete, only the Annual Review Form is needed. If the project is continuing, the PI must also submit a new Protocol Application.

Download Annual Review Form

2. Major and Minor modification to protocols:

If the scope of the project changes from the approved protocol, you must submit a new protocol application for major changes or update the committee in your Annual Review for minor changes. Changes to personnel only should be communicated with a Personnel Revision form (see below).

Download Protocol Application Form

3. Personnel changes:

If you add additional students, faculty, or staff to your research project you must submit a Personnel Revision form, being sure to include the certificates of completed CITI trainings for the incoming individuals, at the time of the change. The Personnel Revision form must be submitted at the time of the change to the committee.

Download Personnel Revision Form

Link to Submission Process