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Review Process

1. Submission

Once you have finished the protocol application form, all CITI trainings, and obtained relevant permits, please combine all documents into a single PDF file and submit the Complete Protocol to Protocols must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to an IBC meeting. Please note, the Principle Investigator (PI) or course instructor is responsible for submitting protocols, students cannot be the PI. If you have any questions about your submission, please contact the IBC at

2. Initial Review

The initial review of protocols takes approximately two weeks. The chair of the IBC or a designated member will evaluate the protocol. You may receive a revise and resubmit letter that describes the corrections needed for your protocol.  All changes requested must be addressed in your resubmission, with the changes annotated in the resubmission email. If no corrections are necessary, you will be notified of your committee review date and time.

3. Committee Review

Complete protocols must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the next IBC meeting. The committee will then review your protocol, make note of any concerns or questions, and submit these items back to the Principal Investigator to be addressed. PIs are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. If no concerns are raised, then committee will vote to approve the protocol. Approvals are valid for 3 years.

4. Approval 
Year 1 and 2 Annual Review 

While IBC protocols are approved for 3 years, you must submit an annual review of the project. Please download the form, fill it out and submit the Annual Review to 

Download Annual Review form

Year 3 or Project Termination Annual Review 

At the end of the 3 year period, the PI must submit an annual report to the IBC committee. There is a check box to indicate if the project is continuing or terminating. If the project is continuing, the PI must complete both the Annual Report to close out the old protocol and submit a new Protocol Application. If the project is ending, the PI only needs to complete the Annual Report.

Download Annual Review form

Download Protocol Application Form

Major and Minor modification to protocols: 

If the scope of the project changes from the approved protocol, you must submit a new protocol application for major changes or update the committee in your Annual Review for minor changes. Changes to personnel only should be communicated with a Personnel Revision form (see below).

Download Protocol Application Form

Download Annual Review Form

Personnel changes: 

If you add additional students, faculty, or staff to your research project you must submit a Personnel Revision form, being sure to include the certificates of completed CITI trainings for the incoming individuals, at the time of the change. The Personnel Revision form must be submitted at the time of the change to the committee.

Download Personnel Revision Form

Link to IBC Protocol Review Process

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