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I have approval, now what?

Final Report

One year from your approval date, unless a protocol modification has been filed and approved, a final report form must be submitted. Failure to submit a Final Report may result in future protocols denial. If you have any questions about what information needs to be included in the final report, please contact the IRB chair.

Final Report Form (pdf)

Submit Your Final Report Here

Protocol Modification/Extension

If you would like to make any changes to your protocol, you must submit a protocol modification/extension form to the Institutional Review Board. This form may be used for:

  • Requests for extension
  • Requests for minor modification of procedure
  • Requests for modification of co-researchers

If the modifications are minor (i.e., title change, agency change, addition of data collection sites, etc) the IRB Chair or designee will review the protocol. If the modifications include more than minimal risk, the protocol will be included on the next IRB agenda for Full Board Review.

Protocol Modification Form (pdf)

Combining PDF Files

All campus computers should have access to Adobe Acrobat DC. This is the best program for combining documents into one PDF.

Instructions For Combining Documents Into One PDF
Submit Your Modification/Extension Form Here

Annual Progress Report

Projects can only be approved for one year and, if the researcher intends to continue the project past one year, they must complete an annual review. The annual review process is as follows:

  • The researcher will receive a reminder from the IRB one month before their annual review is required (see chart below for annual review deadlines).
  • The researcher submits an annual progress report, outlining any changes or modifications that have been made and/or any adverse events that have occurred.
  • Unless there have been substantial modifications made to the original protocol, the Annual Progress Report will be reviewed by the IRB Chair.

*Please note that Annual Progress Reports are needed only if the project continues past one year. Annual Progress Reports do not take the place of Final Reports.*

Original Approval DateAnnual Progress Report Deadline
Spring (2/2-9/1)February 1
Fall (9/2-2/1)September 1

Annual Progress Report (pdf)
Submit Your Annual Progress Report Here