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2020: Bandwidth Recovery

Bandwidth Recovery

This year, we’re exploring Cia Verschelden’s metaphor of Bandwidth Recovery. Students who face poverty, food insecurity, systemic racism, and mental wellness issues are unable to commit their entire “cognitive bandwidth” to academic and personal growth. This year’s Institute will bring us together to discuss ways that we can help students reclaim the cognitive resources they need to be successful in college.

The event will challenge us to consider what we can do to enable students to engage in university life with the cognitive, social, and environmental resources they need to be successful. Too often extra-curricular things - micro-aggressions, unfamiliar jargon, classism - tax the resources students need to perform. Throughout the day we will focus on the small tweaks and wise interventions that instructors can make to help students channel their energy toward being successful learners.


We’ll kick off the Institute with our keynote for the morning: Dr. Cyndi Kernahan, Professor of Psychology, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, and Administrative Fellow in the University of Wisconsin-River Falls’ Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Inclusion. Dr. Kernahan will lead us through “Helping our students think better and succeed more: Small tweaks and wise interventions.