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The UW Colleges Study Abroad website lists all upcoming programs, application requirements, costs, and other information you will need to participate.

Why study abroad? 

Studying and traveling in a different country and culture can offer an educational experience beyond anything you've known before! It allows you the opportunity to challenge yourself and your abilities to adapt and learn. You will view the world through a new perspective, perhaps causing you to question some of what you held true before. You may find that you learn as much about your own country while studying abroad as you do about your host country.

You can build or increase your fluency in a foreign language through some study abroad experiences and you can complete degree credits in general studies, pre-requisites for your major or elective areas. And, besides the personal benefits, the experience can add dramatic value to your resume for future employers or schools.

What programs do the UW Colleges offer? 

Some UW Colleges study abroad travel opportunities are one to three weeks in duration and occur between semesters or during summer. They are often preceded by a campus-based or asynchronous course of instruction. You may typically earn anywhere from zero to three degree credits for a course. These courses are intensive learning experiences supervised by faculty members.

Other UW Colleges study abroad opportunities last for an entire semester and students can earn up to 12 or more credits during the experience. These study experiences are usually supervised by faculty from the host institution.

Can I afford it?

Financial aid and scholarships are available for many study abroad programs. Students who have been accepted and approved for financial aid for the academic year in which the study abroad occurs may wish to have their aid re-evaluated based on the costs of study abroad. Partial scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need according to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) guidelines.