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Teaching Certification

Foreign Language Teaching Certification

In addition to our regular major and minor programs in French, German and Spanish, we also offer students the opportunity to receive teacher certification in these languages through language teaching major/minor programs, which are designed in conjunction with the Education Program at UW-Green Bay.

If you are interested in pursuing teacher certification in French, German, and/or Spanish and becoming a teacher of one of these languages, you will need to complete the teaching certification major or minor program for that particular language (instead of the regular French, German or Spanish major/minor).

The requirements for language students pursuing teacher certification are not the same as the requirements for the regular French, German, Spanish major or minor programs.

In addition to the French, German or Spanish teaching certification major/minor program in the language, all students seeking language teaching certification, also need to be admitted to the Education Program and to complete either a minor in Secondary Education or a major in Education, depending on whether they are pursuing a language teaching certification major or minor.

Please contact the Education Program for further information about degree requirements and timelines for those programs.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certificate

The 18-credit TESL Certificate is designed for students who want to teach in situations that do not require Wisconsin public school teacher licensure, such as teaching English overseas or in adult literacy programs or tutorial programs sponsored by community service organizations or private companies. To be eligible for the TESL certificate of completion program, students must either be candidates for a B.A. or B.S. degree or have already completed such a degree.

For students wishing to teach ESL in Wisconsin public schools, an appropriate ESL license must be obtained. Completing the TESL Certificate or one of the Linguistics/TESL emphases in Humanistic Studies does not in and of itself qualify as an ESL license to teach in Wisconsin public schools.

A full description of the ESL teacher licensure program and requirements at UW-Green Bay is available from the Professional Program in Education. Please contact the Education Program for further information about degree requirements and timelines for this program.