The Department of Natural and Applied Sciences houses major and minor programs of study in BiologyChemistryEnvironmental ScienceGeoscience, and Water Science; and a minor in Physics.

NAS faculty teach and engage in scholarship in all programs. Many of the faculty make major contributions to the Environmental Science and Policy graduate program as well.

Students should consult with their faculty advisor early and often to be aware of any changes or new opportunities.

Program Requirements Emphasis Areas
Biology MajorMinor Animal Biology
Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries
Biology for Educators
Cell & Molecular Biology
Ecology & Conservation Biology
Chemistry  Major, Minor Chemistry (General)
American Chemical Society Certified in Chemistry
American Chemical Society Certified in Environmental Science
Environmental Science Major, Minor Environmental Science (General)
Environmental Science (Accelerated)
Geoscience Major, Minor Geoscience (General)
Geoscience (Accelerated) 
Geoscience (Teaching Certification)
Physics Minor  
Water Science Major Water Science (General)
Water Science (Accelerated)